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A little about us.  Autumn and Jendry met in high school during Jendry's first week in the United States. They sat next to each other in band class. He is originally from Cuba and his english wasn't very good. Autumn being the bubbly and outgoing person she is started talking to him not knowing he didn't understand a clue of what she was saying haha.
A year went by and they had a band trip to Carnegie Hall, thats where the spark from one another began. Life continued and Jendry moved on to college. During his first year, Autumn reached out to be her Homecoming date. Of course, he said YES! They had the most romantic night and the very next day Jendry asked Autumn to be his girlfriend. 
Well.. as you can imagine it went quite well haha. Jendry and Autumn got married in 2017 and she bought him a camera as a wedding present. The rest is history. 
Now, they travel all over photographing weddings, families, seniors, couples etc. They absolutely love every minute of it. 

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We believe that your images should be timeless and seen by multiple generations. 

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